Premier League odds: Crystal Palace 2-1 Wolves, top scorer Zaha scores

Premier League odds

The hot match of Premier League odds continued. In this game, Crystal Palace played against Wolves at home. The battle between the two sides was also very fierce. In the end, the outcome was also reversed by Crystal Palace. Tenth, among the middle reaches of the Premier League.

Tournament Review

In the first half, Wolves took the lead in breaking the deadlock and led 1:0 with Traore’s goal. In the second half, Crystal Palace came from behind with goals from Eze and Zaha. In the end, Crystal Palace won 2:1.

In the 4th minute, Costa’s shot was saved by Guaita. Neves’ shot missed. In the 24th minute, Yize ejected slightly wide of the right post in the middle of the penalty area. Anderson’s shot missed.
Wolves broke the deadlock in the 30th minute. Hugo Bueno made a cross from the left and Adama Traore scored with a header! 1-0. Premier League odds

In the first minute of injury time in the first half, Zaha’s shot missed. Neves shot and hit the post. At the end of the half, Crystal Palace temporarily trailed Wolves 0-1.

Shortly after the start of the second half, in the 46th minute, Crystal Palace equalized the score. Yize received an accurate short header from Orlis in the small penalty area and smashed into the lower right corner! 1-1.

In the 55th minute, Bodens’ shot was saved by Guaita. Costa’s shot missed. Shortly thereafter, Wolves made the first adjustments, with Guedes, Joseph Hodge and Moutinho coming off the bench one after another. In the 67th minute, Edward’s shot missed. Zaha’s shot is saved by Jose Sa.

In the 69th minute, Crystal Palace overtook the score. Zaha received an assist from Edward and scored with his right foot! 2 to 1. Premier League odds

Immediately afterwards, the coaches of both sides dispatched troops again, Huang Xican came off the bench and replaced Diego Costa; Jordan Ayew and Matta also came on the bench one after another. In the 81st minute, Moutinho’s shot missed. Guedes’ shot missed. 5 minutes later, Neves’ shot was saved by Guaita. At the end of the game, Crystal Palace defeated Wolves 2-1.


Crystal Palace: 13-Guaita, 2-Ward, 6-Guy, 16-Josim-Anderson, 3-Mitchell, 15-Schlupp, 28-Sheikh-Ducure, 10-Egypt Ze, 22-Edward, 7-Michael-Alice, 11-Zaha

Wolves: 1-José-Sa, 64-Hugo-Bueno, 4-Nathan-Collins, 23-Kilman, 22-Semedo, 8-Ruben-Neves, 6-Club Bacal-Traore, 27-Mateus-Nunez, 10-Bodens, 29-Diego-Costa, 37-Adama-Traore. Premier League odds