Premier League odds: Liverpool 1-0 West Ham, Nunes headed home for Alisson

The Premier League odds match is in full swing. Among them is the wonderful match between Liverpool and West Ham United. This match is also a match that many fans and friends are paying attention to. In the first half, Liverpool took the initiative and took the lead. In the end, it was also won. this game.

Premier League odds: Liverpool 1-0 West Ham, Nunes headed home for Alisson

Tournament Review

In the 21st minute, Thiago made an oblique pass to the left, Zimikas received the ball at a 45-degree angle, Nunes grabbed some points and beat Corell to score a header, Liverpool led 1-0!

In the 39th minute, Nunes led the ball at two points and volleyed his left foot to the center post!

In the 44th minute, Joe Gomez knocked down Bowen in the penalty area to send a point, and the latter himself was saved by Alisson! Premier League odds

In the 86th minute, Arnold was passed by one step on the left, and Soucek’s close-range shot was resolved by Milner and Alisson!


Liverpool starting: 1- Alisson, 66- Arnold, 2- Gomes, 4- Van Dijk, 21- Zimikas (81’26- Robertson), 14- Henderson, 6- Thiago (58 ‘3-Fabinho), 28-Fabio-Carvalho (58’17-Curtis-Jones), 11-Salah, 9-Firmino (81’7-Milner) , 27-Nunez (57’19-Elliott)

Liverpool substitutes: 62-Kelleher, 47-Nathaniel-Phillips, 15-Chamberlain, 42-Bobby Clark

West Ham starting: 1-Fabianski, 3-Cresswell, 4-Zuma, 24-Correll, 2-Ben-Johnson, 28-Soucek, 41-Rice, 12-French Lin-Towns (74’9-Antonio), 7-Ska Marca, 8-Fornals (61’22-Benrahma), 20-Bowen

West Ham substitutes: 13-Arreola, 35-Randolph, 5-Caufar, 21-Obonna, 33-Emerson, 10-Lancini, 32-Coventry. Premier League odds