Premier League odds: Tottenham 6-2 Leicester City, Kane scores, Son Heung-min wears a hat to break through

Premier League odds

A match with the odds of the Premier League was in full swing. There was a wonderful match between Tottenham and Leicester City at home. In this game, many Tottenham players scored well. Among them, Sun Xingmin wore a cap as a substitute, and in the end the heat was over. The Spurs won 6-2.

Tournament Review

In the 4th minute, Justin was tackled by Sanchez in the penalty area, and Tielemans took the penalty kick and was saved by Lori, but Lori moved ahead of time, and Tielemans made the penalty again, 0-1!

In the 8th minute, Kulusevsky made a cross from the right, and Kane nodded and scored, 1-1!

In the 21st minute, Perisic made a cross from the left corner, Dell nodded the ball and then scored, 2-1!

In the 41st minute, Castagne made a cross from the right, Madison volleyed and scored, 2-2!

In the 47th minute, Bentancur stole Ndidi in the frontcourt, broke into the front of the penalty area and scored, 3-2! Premier League odds:

In the 59th minute, Son Heung-min came off the bench. In the 73rd minute, Bentancur stole the ball from the right, and Sun Xingmin rubbed his right foot to hit the world wave, 4-2!

In the 84th minute, Kane scored the ball, and Sun Xingmin rubbed the top of the arc with his left foot and blasted the world wave, 5-2!

In the 86th minute, Hojbir counterattacked and scored, Sun Xingmin scored with a single shot, and VAR judged that the goal was valid, 6-2!

Son Heung-min became the seventh player in Premier League history to score a hat-trick from the bench and the first Tottenham player, the last being Naismith against Chelsea in September 2015.

Son Heung-min scored 96 goals in the Premier League, surpassing Ruud van Nistelrooy and Yakubu, who had 95 goals, and ranked 35th in the Premier League’s all-time scorer list. Premier League odds:

In the end, Tottenham defeated Leicester City 6-2. Son Heung-min failed to score in the first 17 shots in the Premier League this season, and scored 3 goals in 4 shots in this campaign.


Tottenham (3421): 1-Lori; 6-Sanchez (59’17-Romero), 15-Dell, 34-Lenglet; 14-Perisic (54’12-Emerson), 30 – Bentancur, 5 – Hojbjerg, 19 – Sessegnon; 21 – Kulusevski (70’38 – Bisuma), 9 – Richarlison (59’7- Son Heung-min);10-Kane

Leicester City (4141): 1 – Ward; 27 – Castagne, 3 – Faez, 6 – Evans, 2 – Justin; 25 – Endidi (85’42 – Soumare) ;10-Madison,8-Tielemans,22-Hall(74’14-Ishinacho),7-Barnes;20-Dhaka(74’9-Valdi) . Premier League odds: