Premier League odds: Wolves 0-3 Manchester City, Haaland scores Wolves lose and lose

Premier League odds

In the Premier League odds game, there was a fierce battle between Manchester City and Wolves. Among them, Manchester City successfully defeated Wolves with the excellent performances of Grealish, Haaland and Foden. Come to the battle report data interpretation.

Tournament Review

At the beginning of the game, Manchester City scored a quick goal and got a fantastic start. Manchester City quickly counterattacked from the right wing. Foden responded with his heel to make the ball. Fly and outflank the ball in! 1 to 0. Premier League odds

In the 4th minute, Guedes shot from the left of the penalty area and Ederson saved the ball.

In the 6th minute, Rodri scored a goal, and the foul goal was invalid when he collided with the goalkeeper.

In the 15th minute, Manchester City expanded the score advantage, the B seat went straight in the midfield, gave it to Haaland’s feet, brought it to the top of the arc, shot low with his right foot, and pierced through Josesa’s ten fingers! 2-0.

In the 23rd minute, the two sides quickly exchanged offense and defense, Rodri hit the goal and was confiscated, and Neto missed a volley. Premier League odds

In the 28th minute, Grealish shot to the goal, but the ball was not suppressed.

In the 32nd minute, Nathan Collins kicked Grealish and was sent off by the referee with a direct red card.

In the 39th minute, Bodens made a long shot and the ball missed the goal.

In stoppage time, De Bruyne took a long shot and the ball missed.

The camera went to the sidelines, and Diego Costa appeared on the court to watch the game.

In the 62nd minute, Cancelo took a long shot from outside the penalty area and the ball was higher than the goal.

In the 67th minute, Haaland hit the goal and was beaten, and Foden made a high shot.

In the 68th minute, Manchester City continued to widen the gap, De Bruyne sent a through ball, Phil Foden scored in the middle of the penalty area! 3-0.

In the 90th minute, Edson attacked outside the penalty area and made a header to make a clearance.

At the end of the game, Manchester City easily defeated Wolves 3-0. Premier League odds

Wolves: 1-José-Sa, 19-Honi Castro, 4-Collins, 23-Kilman, 3-Nuri (80’22-Semedo), 8-Neves, 27-Mateus-Nunez, 28-Moutinho, 17-Geddes(69’11-Huang Xican), 7-Neto(85’77-Campbell), 10-Bodens(69 ‘6 – Boubacar – Traore)

Substitutes who did not appear on the bench: 13-Sharkic, 14-Mosquera, 24-Totti-Gomez, 25-Ronan, 64-Bueno

Manchester City: 31-Ederson, 5-Stones, 3-Ruben-Dias, 25-Akanji, 7-Cancelo, 16-Rodri (81’21-Sergio-Go Max), 17-De Bruyne(71’8-Gundogan), 20-Bernardo-Silva(71’19-Julian-Alvarez), 47-Foden(71′ 26 – Mahrez), 9 – Haaland, 10 – Grealish (80’80 – Palmer)

Substitutes not appearing: 2-Kyle Walker, 6-Ake, 18-Ortega-Moreno, 33-Carson. Premier League odds